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*(If you are using Google Chrome, my site may display a "not secure" warning. However, I do not sell or have a sign up page on my site, so there is no need for one)

Welcome. You can call me Joni, all my friends do! I hope you enjoyed browsing through my gallery and assessing my styles and versitility. If anything sticks out in particular, we can discuss the art as a great starting point. I work both in traditional art and graphic art.

I am a great communicator and passionate about expressing ideas and fulfilling your needs. I live and breathe and sometimes eat art. I love to cook too, so its always a beautiful meal.

I would love to chat with you about your ideas and project, I am just one contact away!

Please note: I have recently rebranded my Facebook online page for my artwork store. I am changing the name from to reflect this site, J.Warden Designs. I will try to update this when the process is complete.

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