Joni Warden's roots are buried deep in the "Big Red Country", of Nebraska where her art skills began to grow. Although she spent the majority of her early learning years there, she eventually married and relocated with her husband, to Southern California. 


It is there where she finished high school and started College at Mt. San Antonio in Walnut, CA, studying for a Graphic Design Certificate. Joni has worked as a professional freelancer for over 20 years, however, College has increased her skill level and knowledge of Adobe design software all in her efforts to stay in the mainstream of her field. Starting college late in life has been the most a most rewarding experience.


Joni enjoys creating a variety of styles and mediums, including high fantasy, fine art, character art and illustration art and more. She was lucky enough to attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta where she met Brandon Sanderson Co-writer for The Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan. Earlier in 2009 Joni's fantasy drawing was accepted into a Wheel of Time Calendar competition and was published in  2009. She also hosts a Wheel of Time Community and Role Play forum in her spare time as a hobby. 


Joni has an amazing and quirky sense of humor and has a "must laugh at least one a day", policy. Her extreme dedication to creating new art and her seriousness towards projects needs a little break now and then.


Art and illustrations is a love of hers and many of her art pieces can be found using the nearest computer and a quick search for Joni Warden.


The other places you can find Joni Warden on the web are:


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